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Bulgarien Jaktia - Mikael Grennard, Sweden

Hunting Report by our friend and colleague Mikael Grennard in the Swedish Hunting Magazine "Jägaren", published in August 2017. Here is what he shared after visiting us multiple times during the last 3 years. Thanks you, Mikael for your loyalty! Great having you again in Bulgaria! Always welcome!  To read the article please follow the link: "Bulgarien Jaktia"

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"Boars on the Run" - by Jeff Johnson, Field Editor "American Hunter", September 2015

American Field Editor Jeff Johnson`s first visit to Bulgaria!  Here is what he shared after that. Great having you here, Jeff! "Shooting at—and hitting—running game is a lost art in many American hunting circles, but not in Europe, where hunters across the continent swing on feral swine during game drives. Here’s how they do it."      By Jeff Johnston, Field Editor  To read the…

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Spanish article published in "Sendas de Caza y Conservacionismo", editor - Saul Braceras

Driven Hunt in Bulgaria an article after Spanish editor Saul Braceras visit and hunt in Bulgaria.  Please follow the link to open and read his publishment in the Spanish Hunting Magazine: Sendas de Caza y Consrvacionismo

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Łukasz Dzierżanowski, Poland - Polowanie w Bułgarii, Brać Łowiecka 2/2015

An article from Łukasz Dzierżanowski - editor from Poland. 3 days WILD BOAR DRIVEN HUNT To open his article from Brać Łowiecka 2/2015 please follow the link: Polowanie w Bułgarii

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Editor Jokl le Roux, South Africa - JAG IN BYALKA, BULGARYE 2013 - published in WILD & JAGWILD & JAG Junie 2014

Magazine: "WILD & JAG" Junie 2014  An article published by Jokl le Roux after his staying in the  hunting area with the  greatest pupulation of wild boars in  Bulgaria! To read his article please click on the  following link:WILD & JAG

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Sus Scrofa Reiseri et Attila en Bulgarie - Dominique Czermann, France

 French editor Dominique Czermann visited us 2 times.  Here is his publishment in the french hunting magazine:   SANGLIER PASSION & GRANDS GIBIERS

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"The land of the Wild Boar" - an article from Eike Mross

The young editor Eike Mross was hunting with us in 2014 on his first international hunting trip outside of Germany. Here is what he shared after that: jagderleben    LAND DER KEILER  15 April, 2015 Unsere Jagd-Volontär Eike Mross berichtet von den Erlebnissen und aufregenden Eindrücken seiner ersten Auslandsjagd - einer Drückjagd auf Sauen...

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Article published in "JAGEN WELTWEIT" - from Peter Dickmann

A great article after 3 days Wild Boar Driven Hunt in Bulgaria! Peter`s article was published after that in the german hunting magazine: "JAGEN WELTWEIT". FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK HERE: JAGEN  

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Wild Boar in Bulgaria/Supercinghiali - an article from Massimo Vallini published in the Italian magazine "ARMI E TIRO"

An article "Supercinghiali" from Massimo Vallini in "ARMI E TIRO". For more information please click the following link: ARMI E TIRO

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Pedro Vitorino, Portugal - CAÇA & CÃES DE caÇa

"Aos grandes javalis búlgaros com Aimpoint, Merkel, Norma e Peltor" An article publised in the Portugal Hunting Magazine "CAÇA & CÃES DE caÇa" by Pedro Vitorino.  Please use the following link to open it: CAÇA & CÃES DE caÇa

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Driven Wild Boar Hunting Bulgaria - Report from Mikael Grennard, Sweden after visiting us in Dec. 2014

 Livets galt i Bulgarien  www.jaktia.se  20 FEBRUARI 2015 Vår Jaktia ProTeam-partner Mikael Grennard har varit på  vildsvinsjakt i Bulgarien och har tagit med sig några spännande  erfarenheter hem. Läs hans historia och resultat av de produkttester av Aimpoint, Peltor, Norma och Merkel som gjordes i samband med den tre dagar långa jakten.

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Wild Boar Hunting in Bulgaria - Article from Alessandro Cipriani

 An article from the Italian editor Alessandro Cipriani after  vising us in December  2013.   Thank you, Alessandro! Looking forward to meet you again in  Bulgaria!  To open click here - Red Caccia in Bulgaria 2014

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A Drive Hunt for Bulgarian Boars

  by Andrew McKean   Outdoorlife  Outdoor Life editor Andrew McKean traveled to Eastern Europe last month  to participate in a classic hunt of the region: a traditional driven hunt for wild  boar. Come along with him to the ancient oaks near the Black Sea and see what  else he encountered.  

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FM DI DI Martin Schuster, Austria

"It was my first time hunting in Bulgaria – and I enjoyed it all the time. The support service of Denica Nenkova was excellent – and so were the driven hunts. Lots of wildboars, big tuskers, red deer and even some Jackals made some impressive hunting days. Had a great time in Bulgaria und looking forward to come back soon.…

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Jan Lewenhaupt

"Joining the Grennard group in 2015 was a success! beautiful landscape, orange coloured trees, plenty of boar, medal trophies and all under the well-organised leadership of Denica ... Recommended!" Jan Lewenhaupt, Sweden

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Leif Markhagen, Sweden

"I was recently hunting with Kridera Hunting Agency in Bulgeria. I have never been on a driven hunt of wild boar abroad before and it was very exciting and successful for me. I shoot my lifetime wild boar and i just got my trophy from this fantastic hunt and arrangement. I will be back!!" Leif Markhagen Sweden

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Peder Brännström, Sweden

"I have previously been hunting driven wildboar in quite a number of European countries over the last 25 years, but Bulgaria will always be something very special that I always will talk warmly about." Peder Brännström, Sweden  

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Mikael Grennard, Sweden

"Me and 16 friends went to Byalka with Denica. She and her organisation made everything work out perfect. As we did the last time, we shoot several really big wild boars with great tusks. A week after getting home 10 of the 16 hunters has already declared that they want to go back to Byalka. I guess that says it…

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Henrik Svardskog, Sweden

"I joined the group of Mikael Grennard in November 2015, he had talked very well about the hunting and arrangement in Byalka from a hunt in 2014. I have to say that nothing disappointed me, everything from the pick up at the airport, the hunting and the beautiful nature surrounding the territory made me want to go back again."   Henrik…

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Łukasz Dzierżanowski, Poland

"The days spent in Byalka with Krideria Hunting Agency have been the highlight of a long and exciting season. I have enjoyed the forest, the game and the wonderful and professional atmosphere Denica has provided. Thanks a lot!"  Łukasz Dzierżanowski, Poland

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Pedro Vitorino, Portugal

“Hunting is not only shooting! At Bqlka we have more than that; beautiful landscape, nice people and great moments of hunting. And of course, good wild boars to shoot!” Pedro Vitorino, Portugal 

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Eike Mross, Germany

"The hunt was well organized and we had wonderful accommodation! I really enjoyed my time in the fantastic wilderness! Nice people nice hunt, anytime again." Eike Mross, Germany

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Jeff Johnston, USA

"No matter if it is yours first hunting trip overseas or your fourteenth, there is usually a little anxiety about hunting a new country. Is it safe? Are the accommodations as advertised? Does it hold ample game? As I stepped off the plane in Sophia, Bulgaria, knowing no one but hoping to hunt trophy wild boar, Denica Nenkova of Kridera…

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Jens Ulrik Høgh, Denmark

"Our Bulgarian hunting adventure was a well-organized event in a fantastic hunting area. Everything worked very smoothly - good accommodation, good food, an excellent population of wild boar and a professional staff to make it all work. I highly recommend this hunting experience to everybody, who enjoys the thrill of driven hunts!Med venlig hilsen / Cheers / Gruss /" Jens…

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Dominique Czermann, France

"If you are bored of Polish driven hunts and Hungarian ones are much too expensive have a look at Kridera Hunting in Bulgaria you will be stunned. Nice landscape, very good people and big wild free ranging wild boars, even some mean and nasty ones. You will have real hunting, not just shooting and will spend good time there."  Dominique…

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Massimo Vallini, Italy

"In the last beat in Byalka I've seen so many fallow deers as I never saw during the last 20 years. Unfortunately we were hunting wild boars....but in the end they came and I shot 2. However there you can find huge wild boars!"                                …

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Thomas Lindy Nissen, Hunting journalist, Denmark

"I have been visiting Byalka with Hunting Company Kridera two times. During both hunts I enjoyed the stay and food as well as I found the driven hunt well organized and the number of wild boars - tuskers too - very good!Best regards" Thomas Lindy Nissen, Hunting journalist, Denmark

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Saúl Braceras, Editor, Spain

"Was a very nice and organize hunting. I got 4 wild boars females and I found everything perfect. Let say I got what I was looking for. Best regards"  Saúl Braceras, Editor, Spain

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Bernardo Ribeiro Portugal

“Comfort, reliability, professionalism and attention to details"  Bernardo Ribeiro, Portugal 

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Red Stag - Cervus Elaphus L./01.09-31.01/

Red deer-CERVUS ELAPHUS L. /1.09-31.01/
The red deer is a symbol of the Bulgarian hunting management. Because of the rich natural biotope and the good management, there are particularly strong populations with very good trophy qualities.
In Bulgaria the red deer is hunted walking and from high seat. In many Hunting Areas red deer trophies over 9-10kg can be gained. Hunting Areas located in Northeast Bulgaria offer capital trophies over 12- 14kg. The red deer in the mountainous areas in Rhodope Mountain, Vitosha, and Old Mountain have weight between 7-9kg.



In Bulgaria, wild boar hunting is much loved, preferred and traditional. Hunting is from high seat, driven hunting, and in some hunting regions – walking and stalking. There are very good wild boar trophies in all parts of the country. The most frequently shot wild boars have tusks with length 20-24cm, and usually get silver and gold medals. Wild boars with length of tusks over 24 cm are often shot. The best time for hunting form high seat is just before or after full moon, from November until March. The longest tusks from the last hunting season are 28, 8 cm. The national record was shot in Rhodope Mountain and its appraisal is 158,20 CIC points. For 18 years (until 2004) it was the World record as well.

DRIVEN HUNT /1.10 – 14.01/

Driven hunting is emotional and attractive experience on the territory of the whole country, in high mountains and plains. Hunting can take place in open areas, as well as in special large hunting enclosures (over 300 ha). The chasing dogs, the running game and tense expectation – you can personally feel this in many hunting regions in Bulgaria.

ROE DEER - Capreolus Capreolus L./01.05-30.10/

From end of spring until beginning of autumn the large game rests. Only hunting on roe bucks is allowed during this period. In May or in the beginning of June, the most suitable time is early morning or at nightfall.
The other good possibility is in September and October. Hunting on roe bucks is not easy, but waiting and stalking is worthy for a trophy with a weight of 300-450g (in mountainous Hunting Areas) and 400-550g (in the lowlands of Northeast Bulgaria).

MOUFLON - Ovis Musimon Pall. ALL YEAR

The mouflon has also been acclimatized decades ago and now is developing very well in many areas of Bulgaria. Proof of that is the extraordinary trophy with 234, 40 CIC points shot in Hunting Area "Voden". Its horns are long and symmetric– between 80- 90 сm, and it is a favourite trophy for many hunters. Hunting is through stalking and from high seat.

Fallow deer - Cervus Dama L./1.09-31.01/

Fallow deer - CERVUS DAMA L./1.09-31.01/
This large game has been acclimatized 100 years ago. Its management is especially successful through the last 30-40years. Trophies of 3-4кg can be gained. In 2005 there were shot many trophies, 5 of which over 200 CIC points.

CHAMOIS - Rupicapra Rupicapra L. /15.09. - 31.10. females, 01.12. - 15.01. males/

CHAMOIS - RUPICAPRA RUPICAPRA L. /15.09.-31.10.2011 females, 01.12.2008-15.01.2012 males/
The Chamois hunting is carried out under a special regime, fixed in the Biological variety Law, accordingly the directives of European Union. The chamois inhabits all high mountains of Bulgaria – Rila, Rhodope, Pirin and Old Mountain. The local variety is Rupicarpa Balkanika. Its hunting areas are usually over 1800 m altitude. Its hunting is hard, but extremely emotional. Stalking in the virgin and untouched by human biotopes is an unforgettable experience. In Rhodope Mountains can be hunted even over 800 m altitude. The offered trophies are between 85-110 CIC points, predominantly 95 CIC points.

CAPERCAILIES - Tetrau Urogallus L. /15.04-15.5/

Bulgaria is one of not many countries in Europe, where this rare and valuable trophy can be obtained.

The natural habitats of the capercaillies are high in Rhodope Mountains and Rila, and during the winter are hard to hunt because of the thick snow.


In Bulgaria, their population is very high, so their hunting is allowed. In not many countries in Europe, carnivores are known as local game, or if there are any, they are under special regime. Their hunting is very rarely allowed. During the winter months, you can successfully hunt on wolfs and jackals through stalking, from a high seat or even taking part in driven hunting. Annually hundreds of foxes are shot, as well as about 300 wolfs and 4000 jackals.

1. Wolf Canis Lupus        all year round
2. Fox Vulpes Vulpes      all year round
3. Jackal Canis Aureus   all year round

Small game


1. Hare Lepus Europeus Pall:  /1.10-31.12/ 

2. Pheasant Phasianus Colchicus: /1.10-31.01/ 

3. Wild duck allowed to hunt /1.10-31.01/

4. Anser Anas Albifrons Skop: /1.10-31.01/ 

5. Pardridge Perdix Perdix /1.10-30.11/ 

6. Rock Partridge Alectoris Graeca Cirpiotes 

7. Woodcock Scolopax Rusticola: /15.08-28.02/ 

8. Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur /15.8-30.10/ 

9. Quail Coturnix Coturnix /15.8-30.11/ 

10. Coypu Myocastor coypus  /01.11-01.03/ 

11.Wood Pigeon Columba palumbus /14.08-14.02/ 

12. Numididae /01.10 - 31.01/

13. Gallinago gallinago/14.08-01.03/ 

14. Eurasian coot Fulica atra /01.10-31.01/ 

15.Common Starling, Sturnus vulgaris, all year

16. Domestic Turkey Meleagris gallopavo/01.10-01.03/