administrative-map-of-Bulgaria 2The Republic of Bulgaria extends over an area of 110,911 sq. Km and is situated on the Balkan Peninsula of Southeastern Europe. You will enjoy completely different game and natural habitats full with game. 

The hunting lodges vary greatly in size, terrain, habitat, accommodations and ease of access. With such a diverse operation we can help you choose the lodge and hunting area that best fits your expectations.
Be assured that you will have a full range professional operation covering all details. You will enjoy huge pristine wildlife habitats, abundant game, professional guides and hunter services.
Since the 1970s, Bulgaria has had great significance for the international hunting community. It consistently ranks among the most solid and secure hunting destinations in Europe.
The Bulgarian hunting grounds have an average area of 10,000 - 20,000 ha. Game populations are excellent and hunters may successfully combine different game species during their stay. 

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